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Gabby’s List is an online professional services membership organization. Membership is Exclusive and registration and membership agreement is required, we retain the right to remove non complaint members with out Gold Standard for performance. We provide consumer’s access to the Best Local Service Providers in Nigeria.

Gabby’s List prioritizes user’s reviews, ratings and experience with our member’s in the search result hierarchy. Members with greater than 10% of complaints from the prior month unresolved are given last priority in the search result or are removed when unresolved complaints remain above 10% for greater than 90 days.

We allow users to rate our members on Quality of Performance, Experience, Reliability and Dependability. Members with 2 or less star ratings are placed on probation or removed from our platform, we pride ourselves on the quality of membership. We support our members with training, professional services on how to provide the best services and support to users.

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Members on Gabby’s List can now connect with millions of customers every day to drive and grow revenue. Users trust our exclusive membership program, allowing our members to have higher visibility and increased revenue. Member’s coupons and promotions are automatically sent to registered users who have subscribe to receive promotions and coupons. Our conflict resolution program allow our members to retain high ratings that attract new customers to our members

Gabby’s List offer seminars and event to help our members improve connectivity with customers and clients. We bring business and industry professional together with our members on how to improve their businesses and operations.

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